9th RecSys Amsterdam meetup: glimpses and creative nuggets

It’s been one month and a half that I found myself working at Elsevier. Five years ago when I was in Italy working on a Vietnamese news recommendation service, it didn’t come to my mind that the work would earn me a good job in yet another country. I’m grateful for what life brings my way. However, five years is a long stretch of time for human memory and the state-of-the-art surely has changed a lot. For one, these shiny toys called deep neural networks keep popping up everywhere. So a local event on the field seems good to attend.

RecSys Amsterdam meetup is an informal meeting of recommender researchers and practitioners in Amsterdam. It used to be held once a year but because of a surge in interest, now every four months or so. The 9th installment that I attended is a small gathering (there’re 140 attendees on the web but it felt more like 60) with companies (or academics that interned at a company) showcasing their cool stuff and, of course, approaching potential hires. I think we had a good mix of Microsoft, FD Mediagroep, and Booking.com. Continue reading